MetalMaster Evolution

ZRM Enterprises LLC is evolving our capabilities with The Messer MetalMaster Evolution system. With a 10' x 35' cutting area, this new Messer plasma table just over doubles our current burning capabilities.  The MetalMaster Evolution features the Messer Global Control which includes on-board material database allowing quick set up and high quality parts.  ZRM Enterprises LLC also opted for the Automatic Nesting Package, OmniWin 2018 Professional software, and the digital video camera, all of which increase productivity and reduce scrap. 

The Messer MetalMaster Evolution also features plasma equipment including: Hypotherm XPR300 X-Definition Plasma System, Hypotherm XPR300-OptiMix Gas Console, and CSL200 Plasma Torch Height Control.  The Hypotherm XPR300 Plasma System has 300 amps and 63kW of output power delivering higher cut speeds; up to 15% higher cut speeds on thicker materials. Being equipped with the patented PowerPierce liquid cooled shield technology, using the argon-assist process allows production piercing of 1-3/4" to 2" mild steel and up to 1-1/2" stainless steel and aluminum.

The ALFA Oxyfuel cutting torch featured on the Messer MetalMaster Evolution has the capability to cut 6" mild steel.The ALFA cutting torch contains magnetic height sensing, internal ignition, and the ability to sense to the edge of the material.

The Messer MetalMaster Evolution is environmentally friendly.  Being a dry, down draft table eliminates the need for water in the cutting processes. The table also includes a FARR Gold Series Dust Collector, which keeps all of the irritating dust and fumes from polluting the air.

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